.5 gram plus battery/charger

We take pride in producing the cleanest vape pods in California with No distillate, No alterations and huge flavorful hits. Our pods are a high terpene fraction of our live resin extract. We only use medical-grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash. Cleanest vape in the business.

Mendo Purps x Zkittlez

Mendo Purps or Mendocino Purps is a legend in its own right and some believe it to be the mother of Purple Urkle. Originally developed in the early 2000’s the purps generally went away from the scene for years but is making a strong comeback. CSI Humboldt originally bred this cross with the original ZKittlez cut. A strong Zkittlez taste profile leads the way with a smooth Purps finish…no bite and all flavor…



Our joints or “Doinks” are all made by hand at every step in the process. We break up the buds by hand instead of abrasive grinders. We don’t use cones or machine fills, instead our joints are hand-rolled by 10 second Tom and his team in Oakland daily. They use gluten-free fusilli pasta as the crutch which enhances the airflow and form of each joint. Our organic flower is carefully cultivated for a proper smoke…No heavy metals, only white ash and happy, smiling faces. We only sell what we smoke…and these doinks are our daily drivers. Our joints are sold in 10-packs ready for any adventure or for just a safe way to share your cannabis with a friend…everyone gets their own doink. Calling these “pre-rolls” is offensive, these are hand-rolled joints.

Stefan (The White X Purple Urkle)

The White x Purple Urkle was bred by OG Raskal Genetics and pheno hunted by 710Labs and Jaleel himself. A cross between Purple Urkle and The White, this hybrid has a rich piney flavor and generous high. With an earthy inhale followed by a sweet and sour exhale… Grape, berries and hints of citrus bring it home. We obviously renamed it “Stefan”, as a fitting tribute to Steve’s alter ego.

Purple Urkle s1 #3

If you ever smoked the old school purple urkle back in the day, then this is the one you have been waiting for. The taste is a sweet syrup berry with a hint of funky skunk and is packed with flavor until the end of your joint. The bud structure has big circular buds with deep purple colors.


Packaged flower

Our passion and obsession with the cannabis plant really shines in our cured flower… There is a reason our flower is renowned industry-wide…we grow our own from seed, hunting for unique characteristics that make that cultivar special. We grow our ladies in-house with wholly organic inputs, dry and cure it based on density and trim each nug by hand to bring you the most opulent flavor dense nugs on the market.

Stefan (The White X Purple Urkle)

Purple Urkle is a legendary cultivar originating from the Emerald Triangle with mysterious lineage. Most people believe it’s a descendant of either Mendo Purps or Granddaddy Purple. With higher amounts of myrcene, Purple Urkle has an earthy aroma and the alpha-pinene should counteract any sedative effects… Prepare to be creative and euphoric.


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